Sedation Dentistry

For those that find visiting the dentist to be uncomfortable, we offer sedation dentistry. Sedation dentistry involves the administration of oral drugs or in some cases nitrous oxide. Sensitive teeth, low pain threshold and needing an extensive amount of dental work are reasons to consider this type of procedure. Using Sedation Dentistry or Relaxation Dentistry helps to reduce your conscious level which will greatly relieve your anxiety, pain and awareness of the procedure as it is performed Sedation can be used for dental cleanings as well as more complex procedures like Root Canal Therapy.

When using oral medication, patients may or not remember anything about their dental procedure or the time spent in the dental office. The pill is taken a few hours before your dental appointment to allow time for the medication to take effect and put you into a completely relaxed state. We carefully monitor during every stage of the treatment process to ensure your health and safety. You must have someone drive you to and from your procedure due to the medication.

Nitrous Oxide also known as “laughing gas” is combined with oxygen and inhaled through a mask that's placed over your nose. The gas helps you relax and the amount you receive is completely controlled for your health and safety. The gas tends to wear off quickly and may allow you to drive yourself home after the procedure is completed.

You may also receive a local anesthetic to numb the area that is being worked on. This helps relieve discomfort before and after the procedure. As always, our concern is to provide you with a pleasurable and relatively pain free experience.

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